Privileged Roles Management

The yBridge contract is structured with various permissions, each of which grants access to specific contract functions. This hierarchical distribution of permissions ensures security and facilitates controlled access to the contract's functionalities.

  • Owner

  • Manager

  • Staff

  • Swapper

  • YPool_Worker

  • Liquidity_Worker

  • Settlement_Worker

The private keys of different addresses are protected separately using the cold wallet and Google Cloud KMS (Cloud Key Management Service) through asymmetric signing.

The HSM architecture of Cloud KMS ensures that the key can't be unwrapped or used outside of an HSM, can't be extracted from the HSM, and exists in its unwrapped state only within specified locations, preventing the risk of private key exposure. For further information on HSM, you can learn more here





Manages all permissions and can also add or remove addresses of different roles.

  • 0x1ebB85b97F1CC7D72d7aD533e1C5E86077Af9Af1


Configure important parameters within the contract.

  • 0xb1B8378caE4172a75b9d22c8EB9a6610Fa9dCc86


Configure secondary parameters within the contract.

  • 0xa9b415B311a1d49e11946674d41AeA074380A819


Restrict the interaction partners of the contract to only the yBridge contract address.

the contract addresses of yBridge on various chains

Swap Worker

Execute destination chain swap

  • 0xB35F9aAc007666caCD0520B68D59d682262db7Da

  • 0xbF81c9bF9883ABaB878952FCbfB84914a67b6e43

  • 0xCE15D17aA3165ebEdFC046C7D9bF639865431253

  • 0x17D8605cDB36191Acc2fcB3d3d7908171bCB99A2

  • 0xe596e79375364Acf31d0b9f4ED5b5b9b8123d238

  • 0x1FAd5E8a741868D7972875d2031B23BeA4baF6A4

Liquidity Worker

Execute deposit/withdrawal on the Y Pool Vault.

  • 0x778902fb04A50622ea5c3C86F53Ba9b47f3d0B4c

  • 0xeDB40c90bBAda60cD86284B4334Db70449dB7336

  • 0xDAa8432161Ef3c4533f6c6666F08436Ab3667367

  • 0x95e8AB85F22C32fd40A579A404A5b18fcfb74fC6

  • 0xcC160C2ab6EDBfc932634B1aa0BC8aA292e42CF3

Settlement Worker

Synchronize peripheral chain information on the settlement chain and perform vault settlement.

  • 0x9feD8Ae5e5Aa8E9CC5031E50d1fF6Fe86c6e4dC1

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