Cross Chain Infrastructure

A Toolkit That Makes Going Cross-Chain Easier

1. What is our Cross Chain Infrastructure

1-1. API

Our API is highly versatile and can be easily integrated into any service. You can design your interface around our bridge and swap functionalities.

We now offers two types of APIs:

  • XY Finance API (Multiple Bridges Aggregator): This is our newly launched aggregation API where we have integrated various bridges (cBridge/Synapse/CCTP and more) and DEXs (1inch/OpenOcean and more) to provide you with the best quotes. Additionally, it offers you more new features like Monetization (Additional Fee).

    If you don't want to integrate those DEXs and Bridges on your own but still want to offer bridge services within your Dapp and wallet, you can choose XY Finance API (Multiple Bridges Aggregator)

pageXY Finance API (Multiple Bridges Aggregator)
  • yBridge API: This API also provides bridge and swap services, but it is limited to our own cross-chain bridge (yBridge). If you want to integrate DEX and Bridges on your own and you want to include yBridge in your services, you can choose yBridge API

pageyBridge API

1-2. Widget

Our user-friendly widget can be implemented in as little as 10 minutes, offering a simple solution for onboarding users from any platform or device. We offer two different types of integration methods to suit your needs:

  • Installed via an iframe.

pageXY Finance Widget (iframe)
  • Installed via npm

pageXY Finance Widget (NPM)

If your intention is to integrate our widget to help users buy your token more easily, you can also refer to Token Listing to list your token on XY Finance together.

Our custom-built link enables you to pre-configure your token and chain and link to our website in just a few clicks. This feature is especially useful for those with limited time or resources.

pageCustom-Built Link

Example : Swap 1000 USDC From Ethereum to USDC on Polygon.

If your intention is to use a custom-built link to help users buy your token more easily, you can also refer to Token Listing to list your token on XY Finance together.

1-4. xAsset Bridge

Our xAsset Bridge helps projects Bridge their tokens to different chains. you can refer to the following steps to set up a bridge on XY Finance, allowing users to conveniently and securely wrap their assets on various chains.

pagexAsset Bridge

1-5. Contract Integration

If you want to integrate our smart contract directly to access our services, you can follow the guide below to understand how to interact with our own bridge, yBridge.

pageyBridge Contract Integration

Currently, we have not yet provided a guide for direct contract interaction with our aggregator service, XY Finance. If you require such the guide, please contact us

2. Which Projects Should Use XY Finance Cross-Chain Infrastructure

2-1. API

  • Bridge/DEX Aggregator:Leverage the API to seamlessly bridge and aggregate liquidity from multiple DEXs across 14+ chains, giving your users a wider range of options with better prices and faster transaction completion times.

  • Web3 Wallet: Customize the entry to suit your interface to provide users with a unified experience to bridge and swap any token across 14+ chains.

  • DEX, Lending, Yield, Yield Aggregator, Derivative and more Dapps: Enhance your Dapp's functionality by adding bridge and swap service through API. Allow users to swap and bridge any token across 14+ chains without leaving the Dapp.

2-2. Widget

  • GameFi/GameFi Management Platform: Provides players a one-stop platform for everything they need to trade and manage their GameFi assets. Ultimately increase user stickiness & enhance your presence in the GameFi industry by inflowing more liquidity for game players, guilds as well as other GameFi projects.

  • DEX, Lending, Yield, Yield Aggregator, Derivative and more Dapps : Whether you provide token staking, yield farming, lending, or other services, our cross-chain widget can help facilitate user onboarding and improve the user experience by enabling seamless swapping and bridging of tokens across 14+ chains without having to leave your dApp.

  • Web3 Wallet: Hot or cold, give your users a one-stop experience to manage and trade their cryptocurrencies across 14+ chains.

  • NFT Marketplace: With the cross-chain widget, the NFT trading part just became super simple and easy. Users can get tradeable tokens from any chains on any available liquidity pool. By doing so, onboarding more NFT collectors will become easier and have a much better experience.

2-3. Custom-Built Link

  • Any projects: With Custom-Built Link, you can make it easier for users to buy your tokens, allowing them to complete their purchases with just one click across 10+ different chains.

3. How to contact with us

If you have further questions, please fill out this form and include the services you would like to integrate. Once we receive it, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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