XY Finance

Recommended Tokens

Allows any third party that capitalizes on our open APIs to access a list of tokens that we support via our endpoint
The crypto and dApps space used to be all about the Ethereum platform only a couple of years ago. While this monopoly is still fresh in our minds, things have drastically changed today thanks to the rise of blockchains such as Solana, Avalanche, and Polygon. They are now home to a thriving and scalable diversity of dApps and passionate communities.
But as the Ethereum ecosystem continues to evolve and expand, there's also continued exponential growth in the number of ERC20 tokens being issued. It is without doubt a good thing to witness the rate of token issuance accelerating, but meanwhile, traders seem to get more confused as to how to filter out legitimate, first-rate tokens from fakes, scams, or duplicates. The upshot is that both users and developers spend a lot of wasted effort and time processing the list, dealing with scams, and deciding which tokens are valid and high-quality. As we are very keen to extend ourselves and connect to more networks & tokens as many as possible to solve this problem, here we have an endpoint/API ready for your reference along with our thoughtful token analytics that returns a recommended token list.