yBridge Contract Integration

Original bridge service will be upgraded to v3 and officially renamed as yBridge from November 22, 2023.

  • The original XSwapper Contract will be renamed to YBridge

  • The original YPoolVault Contract will be renamed to YBridgeVault.

In v3, in addition to the original bridge and swap functionalities, we have further enhanced security and upgraded the fee mechanism to a real-time dynamic fee structure. If you want to understand our new real-time fee structure, you can refer to yBridge Fee Information

If you want to integrate yBridge v3 through contracts

Please refer to the following docs

If you have previously integrated v2 contracts and want to migrate to v3

Please refer to this documentation to understand the migration of the bridge contract or vault contract

If you still need access to v2 documentation

You could still refer the following docs, but the current contract has been upgraded to v3 since November 22, 2023.

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