🌉yBridge Fee Information

How is the bridge fee calculated?

Users are able to roughly estimate the cost of a transaction depending on the formulae given below as reference.

  • The Bridge Fee consists of two components. The first part is allocated to cover the gas expenses associated with transferring tokens to users on the destination chain. This portion is determined by the fluctuations in the market gas price on the destination chain. The second part is levied to provide rewards to both the yBridge liquidity providers and the XY DAO.

BridgeFee=BaseFee+ProtocolFeeBridgeFee = BaseFee + ProtocolFee
  • The Protocol Fee will be calculated based on the amount and a predetermined percentage factor. Typically, this percentage is determined by the XY DAO.

ProtocolFee=amountrateProtocolFee= amount \cdot rate
  • There are lower bound and upper bound in the Protocol Fee.

{ProtocolFee=minimum,minimum>ProtocolFeeProtocolFee=amountrate,minimum<ProtocolFee<maximumProtocolFee=maximum,ProtocolFee>maximum\begin{equation} \left\{ \begin{array}{lr} ProtocolFee=minimum, & minimum > ProtocolFee \\ ProtocolFee = amount \cdot rate, & minimum < ProtocolFee < maximum\\ ProtocolFee=maximum, & ProtocolFee > maximum \\ \end{array} \right. \end{equation}\notag

If the trading volume multiplied by rate is less than the minimum, then XY Finance will still charge the minimum as a basic commission.

If the trading volume multiplied by rate is more than the maximum, then XY Finance will only charge the maximum as a basic commission.

protocolFeeRate & minimumProtocolFee & maximumProtocolFee are determined by XYDAO.

How much does the fee cost?


The fee charged to cover the gas cost on the destination chain will be influenced by several factors. For instance, the BaseFee will be determined by fluctuations in the gas price on the destination chain. Furthermore, if users request a swap process on the destination chain, it may also incur additional transaction fees.

For the actual amount that we charge for BaseFee, please refer to our fee structure API.


The protocolFee is calculated as the product of the srcBridgeTokenAmount and rate. This fee is then allocated to reward yBridge liquidity providers and XY DAO.

For the actual amount that we charge for ProtocolFee, please refer to our fee structure API.

xAsset Bridge Fee

  • rate: 0.1%

  • maximum: $1,000

  • minimum: The following values represent the reference minimumFee ranges for different chains. However, it is important to note that actual prices may be subject to adjustment based on market conditions.

    • Ethereum: $50

    • Avalanche, Cronos, BNB Chain, Optimism, Arbitrum, zkSync Era, Polygon zkEVM, Linea, Base, Mantle, Scroll, Blast: $0.6 - $2.3

    • Others: $0.15 - $0.285

The actual fee charged for the xAsset Bridge may fluctuate based on the real-time market gas conditions. Please refer to the real-time display on app.xy.finance for the final fee. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause

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