XY Finance Widget (NPM)

Starting from NPM version 4.0, we have officially migrated from wagmi v1 to wagmi v2. ( Learn more information about version change in Change Log )

XY Finance team has been wracking our brains just to come up with a powerful engagement tool to help strengthen your user retention, making them want to come back more for a satisfying user experience that this widget provides for your website and reducing friction by letting them fast-forward into your app's/site's key functionality. Note that this XY Finance Widget will be constantly renewed as we're also gathering more resources and collecting feedback from users along the way.


If you have specific compatibility requirements or need further assistance, please reach out to us.

Let's get started!

  • Begin by installing the widget using the example provided in the "Getting Started" section.

  • Configure the Widget: Customize the default settings that appear on the widget, including disabling undesired tokens/chains and featuring the tokens you want to promote.

  • Customize the Theme: Modify the widget's border-radius, color, and font-family to match your website's style.

  • Explore the full API Reference: Find detailed information about the configuration options we provide.

  • Stay updated with the Change Log: Stay informed about the latest changes and updates we have made.

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