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X Swap


We think users should be able to trade and swap as they want even for different chains. Introducing X Swap, a swap aggregator supports different tokens swap from chain to chain without any disruption. Users are only required to issue a transaction from source chain, the following cross chain process and transaction for swap at target chain will be issued by our protocol automatically.
Swap as you want. No limitation.

Trade without limitation

There is no limitation of source token and target token. Users are free to provide any token they want to swap. Source token will be swapped to bridgeable token and then going through cross-chain process, and swap through target chain DEX at the end.

One transaction rules it all

There is only one transaction that required user to issue, others are issued by our cross-chain process. The transaction issued by user not only swaps source token to bridgeable token, but also contains target chain swap info within blockchain logs, such as bridgeable token address, amount to swap, at least acceptable target token amount to receive. Then, cross-chain processor will follow the instructions within source chain logs to issued target chain TX.
If swap at target chain failed, protocol will send bridged token to user.

Best price on every chain

On every chain we supported, we will calculate the best swap route to provide the best price and smallest slippage to our users.
Last modified 9mo ago