Bridge Aggregator : XY Finance

An algorithm-driven trading platform that creates functionality to make swaps and add/remove liquidity with ease.


We believe all crypto users should be able to trade and swap as they want even if the transaction is going to involve different chains. As previously noted, XY Finance serves as an atomic-swap-based aggregator that supports different token swaps between unique blockchains ecosystem with the minimum disruption possible (no intermediary or central authority involved).

Users only need to enter the token they wish to trade and then submit the transaction on the source chain box; the following cross-chain proceedings will take place automatically good and proper, and then the swap to the target chain will be submitted by our protocol shortly thereafter. The whole transaction will be completed between nodes (participants) in a quick and prompt fashion (more often than not, the transaction only requires one stop to go through).

Trade WITHOUT limits

The sky is the limit when it comes to the token types you wish to select/place in the source chain and the target chain box respectively, where users are much welcome to provide any token they intend to swap. The source-chain token will be first swapped to sort of a medium stablecoin, technically termed "bridge token" under our definition and usually USDT or USDC, and then go through a succession of cross-chain steps and be swapped via the target chain DEX at the end. Below is the circle (or route if you like) that demonstrates how users' funds flow during a transaction:

Note that the above circle is merely a simple swap flow to showcase how a swap is dealt with in our ecosystem. Each step or transaction (TX) is not arranged in chronological order. For example, the TX on the source chain DEX and the one on the target chain DEX usually happen at the same time.

Nail it with just ONE transaction

With projects and platforms around Web3 proliferating, trading with cryptos seems to become a problem of complexity for many. That being the case, simplicity is the key vibe of XY Finance

In the course of the swapping process, there is only one transaction that requires users to submit, and the remainder will be handled automatically during the cross-chain trading proceedings by our inbuilt robot (told ya! we're algorithm-driven). Users are only required to configure their trade settings ONCE and submit/send the transaction, which, though seemingly straightforward and intuitive, includes not just the swap information of the source chain token to the bridge token, but the swap information on the target chain as well.

All the related details within this transaction will be logged on the blockchain, such as the bridge token address, the amount swapped, and the minimum amount of the target chain token to receive in your browser wallet, just to name a few. Then, our bot will follow the instructions users provide from the beginning and pass down these source-chain logs amidst the following trade proceedings, and, finally, activate the transaction on the target chain.

Note that if the trade on the target chain fails, XY Finance (the inbuilt robot) will return bridge tokens to users instead.

Dodge indirect routing for the BEST price

Trading on the chains we support with XY Finance ensures that our routing algorithm will only route the logs to liquidity pools between the two tokens in the trading pair users choose and will automatically ignore any routes that will take more effort and trading costs to complete.

Our Protocol will calculate and pick out the best swapping route to offer the best price and at the same time the least slippage possible to users. Practically speaking, we do help simplify and minimize the "complexity" of token-to-token swap in general that most users would have to experience. By the time we've ascertained that the token that users wish to obtain is available on our platform, we've also had the route and liquidity necessary all set.

Note that if the difference between the market price and the quoted price from our liquidity sources for tokens you wish to swap exceeds the slippage tolerance on the interface, the trade will fail.

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