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The XY Finance Ecosystem includes DeFi, GamFi, and NFT. XY Token is the heart of XY Finance's DAO and the protocol. XY Finance has been ensuring all contributors to the leading cross-chain aggregator are incentivized to acquire and retain the XY token. Meanwhile, we are giving utility and value to the XY Token through numerous inventive ways and strategic partnerships.
DeFi - X Swap / Y Pool
The past year has seen significant adoption in decentralized smart contract-powered blockchains, such as Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Fantom, xDAI, HECO, and Avalanche. As such, demand for swapping and transferring digital assets from chain to chain has skyrocketed πŸš€ too. This has created the need for a cross-chain swap application that provides a fast, secure, and decentralized way to perform cross-chain transactions and staking.
This is why we’re introducing our next-generation protocol, XY Finance, a cross-chain swap and yield pool for users to seamlessly and optimally transfer and swap assets from chain to chain without any disruption.
XY Finance consists of two parts, X Swap and Y Pool, to facilitate cross-chain swapping and incentivize the provision of liquidity:
X Swap provides the fastest and most secure cross-chain swap, by creating a single transaction that uses the most efficient path from the source chain to the target chain for the best possible price, supported by decentralized consensus.
Y Pool incentivizes liquidity providers with a swapping fee between chains and our XY Governance token.
GameFi - GalaXY Kats
GalaXY Kats is a collection of 10,000 unique meerkat NFTs and a play-to-earn blockchain game where players can explore the lore of GalaXY universe and help GalaXY Kats revive humanity by challenging bosses and completing quests.
For more details, please go to GalaXY Kats.
NFT - NFT Satellite
2021 is a year of explosive growth in NFT. There are more and more NFT trading platforms in the market, and the UI and interfaces of each platform is different, which increases the threshold for users. In addition, due to the fast development of the multi-chain ecosystem, the cross-chain needs has increased in NFT marketing.
NFT Satellite is a one-stop NFT cross-chain aggregation platform, provides a simple and user-friendly interface that aggregates the liquidity of NFT marketplaces on various chains (ex: OpenSea on Ethereum, Solanart on Solana, objkt.com on Tezos, etc.) To allow users to buy, sell and swap NFTs in one transaction.
Please note that this knowledge base will be constantly updated and edited, always refer to the latest version for the most updated details. It is also possible that this document will not contain the most recent changes to the platform and the products found within, as they all hold precedence to this document. However, we will do our best to maintain this document to the best of our abilities.
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