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An overview of XY Finance and the sectors that spawn on it.


Our XY Finance Ecosystem incorporates products to do with Web3 and Metaverse, with XY Token ($XY as the ticker) being the heart of XY DAO and the protocol itself. XY is a community-driven platform established to solve what might be called the “liquidity problem,” ensuring that users are benefited from the best routes and liquidity providers are incentivized with $XY to stack yields steadily. Meanwhile, we are giving utility and functionality to $XY through multiple inventive ways and strategic partnerships.
Thus far, the two core products, which will be described in great detail below, include DeFi (a one-stop cross-chain aggregator, a decentralized exchange, and yield instruments) and GameFi (NFTs of 10K Meerkats and the tokenized equipment that ensue, a Play-to-Earn Game, a systematic in-game dressing room). More essential features and improvements are already underway, such as an AMM framework, a more refined rebalancing mechanism, a constantly renewed $XY rewarding mechanism, and further explorations into our NFTs’ practicalities.
The two key products of XY are specifically configured in a way that enables the entire platform to maintain decentralized governance of $XY and Meerkat NFT holders, continuing to innovate on the collective foundations wholeheartedly. While major structural changes can be voted on by our XY community, the day-to-day operations, rebalancing of pools and ratios, strategic partnerships, and overall development will ultimately be settled by our professional team of crypto veterans.
Below are the descriptions that detail the basics of the functional aspects of the ecosystem products. For more documentation, technical aspects, and customized tutorials that walk you through all of our exciting features, please view the rest of the tabs on the sidebar.

DeFi - X Swap/Y Pool

First off, XY Finance is a decentralized one-stop cross-chain aggregator that uses state-of-the-art technologies to provide users with a smooth and seamless experience of bridging tokens and optimally transferring cryptoassets, helping to collect the best routes for token swaps and coming up with solutions for low liquidity.
The past few years have seen significant adoption of decentralized smart contract-powered blockchains, such as Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Fantom, Cronos, Astar, and Avalanche. As such, demand for swapping and transferring digital assets from chain to chain has sky-rocketed 🚀 too. This has fostered the very need for a cross-chain swap application that provides a fast, secure, and highly decentralized way to perform cross-chain transactions. To this end, our team is making XY Finance the very infrastructure to support Web 3 and Tokenomics and providing better offers, bridging, interoperability, and liquidity solutions.
Basically, XY Finance consists of two parts, X Swap and Y Pool, to facilitate cross-chain swap and incentivize the provision of liquidity:
🔃 X Swap literally provides the fastest and safest multichain swaps by conducting a single transaction that travels on the shortest path from source chains to target chains for the best price and the lowest gas fees possible, powered by decentralized consensus. Currently, we have supported numerous sought-after and highly scalable blockchain platforms, such as ETH, BSC, Polygon, Fantom, Cronos, Avalanche, and so on. The prospect of expanding our ecosystem is promising since we’re going to support more popular and reliable chains in the future, and this expansion process will be non-stop!
💧Y Pool incentivizes liquidity providers with swap fees between chains and our XY Governance Token ($XY), allowing users to earn passive income by deploying their assets as liquidity in our pool. This instant bridge services on 10+ major blockchains create a win-win solution where our bridge can work more efficiently and the liquidity contributors get their corresponding rewards. Meanwhile, this mechanism is also highly decentralized and engageable for all community members without relying on a centralized entity.
What’s worth noting is that we have a “Rebalance Mechanism” to prevent a shortage of liquidity, where users can help rebalance liquidity without having to fear high slippage and impermanent loss (IL), outshining most major AMMs. On top of that, we set up a reward-issuing mechanism to incentivize the community and simultaneously avoid token overissue. This strict cap of $XY distribution for each rebalancing epoch prevents malicious activities from hogging $XY and, at the same time, secures enough rewards to incentivize the community to rebalance the pools.

GameFi - Meerkats NFTs and GalaXY Kats

GameFi is surely becoming one of the hottest buzzwords in the cryptoverse recently. It describes the gamification of financial systems to make profits from playing Play-to-Earn (P2E) crypto games. Our GameFi Universe originates from our 10K Meerkats NFTs, with more utility that came later in response to their popularity:
🎢 10K Meerkats NFTs were issued in 2021 and sold out shortly after the launch. The advent of these one-of-a-kind digital assets is not just to fulfill the mission of being NFTs or Pictures for Proof (PFPs), creating digital scarcity and some sense of pride for their holders, more importantly, they also provide practical utilities to their owners and allow them to engage in the game and grow along the adventure.
These NFT holders will be able to enter our P2E game with boosts, and depending on the rarity/value of their Kats, they will unlock the DeFi utilities such as APY boosts, swap fee discounts, token airdrops, and more other special offers via our XY Finance service. Our team seems to have skilfully averted the NFT-development impasse - a common fallacy that NFTs are merely something for one's aesthetic appeal or sense of pride/belonging. Rather, XY Finance has, with success, demonstrated how far NFTs could travel, imbuing them with more possibilities like practicalities and functionalities so that users could legit turn a profit with them! 🎮 GalaXY Kats is thus a P2E blockchain game based on advanced GameFi technologies, stemming from our project of 10K Meerkat NFTs, where players can explore the lore of the GalaXY universe and assist GalaXY Kats in reviving humanity by challenging bosses and completing quests. Each legendary Meerkat can be equipped with weapons and widgets that can be found in a Dressing Room, where the protagonist Meerkat can put on, take off, and exchange their weapons. This expandable tokenized equipment set marks an important milestone in the development of our GalaXY Kats, which is equally flexible and can be adapted according to users’ requirements. For more details, feel free to visit GalaXY Kats.
IMPORTANT: Please note that this know-how base will be constantly updated and edited according to the latest version for the most recent details. It is possible that the documentation may not be able to keep up with the most recent changes to the platform and the products found thereof for the reason that changes are taking place nearly on a daily basis and each of them is treated equally. While it would be difficult to have the documentation renewed very often, we will do our best to optimize and streamline it wherever possible.
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