XY Finance

Settlement Chain

In order to record liquidity of each chain, we have a settlement chain which support EVM compatible smart contract.
In settlement chain, we will have a contract to record pool token balance of each chain and also liquidity balance of each user.
Settlement Contract Flow


To provide a decentralized mechanism, we have validators to update information of each chain.
Validators have consensus algorithm to prevent malicious attack.

Settlement Contract User Interaction

When user deposit/withdraw pool supported token (such as USDT) in one chain, he will get xyUSDT Tokens as Y Pool shares.
Validators of Y Pool will write to the settlement contract updating balances of the corresponding chain and also user balance.
After a period of time, user can withdraw his funds using xyUSD and get xyToken rewards.
User Withdraw Liquidity
If a user deposit and withdraw in a short period of time, we will charge a little percent as fee.