Fee Structure

Highlights the rates on XY Finance and lets users know what to expect when working with us.

When engaging in the swapping process, various fees come into play, commonly including the gas fee, as well as the swap fee imposed by bridges, aggregators, and decentralized exchanges, among others.

We provide a variety of functions and conveniences to satisfy users in a single step while using our service. Each service is associated with a specific fee, which can be categorized as Withholding Fee or Bridge Fee. These fees are paid using the native token of the source chain.

Fee Structure describes how XY Finance charges for our services, laying down policies in advance and making transactions via XY Finance transparent.

Withholding Fee

XY Finance charges a Withholding Fee to cover the additional gas usage and processes involved in the swapping of tokens on the destination chain. For example, when users swap tokens from the pool token of the bridge to their desired token, a protocol fee is incurred. We are continuously expanding our range of services and will be introducing more in the future.

The fee amount is determined based on the gas price fluctuations across different chains, particularly on Ethereum. You can check the current gas price on Ethereum by following this link.

Bridge Fee

We have integrated the following bridges to facilitate token bridging across different chains. The Bridge Fee is charged by these bridges, which provide liquidity for asset transfers between chains.

  • cBridge

    • To understand how fees are charged, please refer to the FAQ.

  • Synapse

  • Celer-CCTP

  • Across

  • yBridge

yBridge is a bridge owned by XY Finance itself. Through yBridge, XY Finance can offer users/partners better pricing and more convenient services. For more information about the specific bridges and their fee structure, please refer to the link below.

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