XY Finance
Y Pool


With X swap, there is another role called Y pool to provide liquidity and earn the swap fee. Combining X swap and Y pool, the cross chain process becomes efficient and fast.
X swap - Y pool interaction


When user provides liquidity, he will get yield rewards containing swap fee and liquidity mining rewards. The liquidity providing is Y Pool token and each Y Pool has its specific token. If user wants to avoid price risk, he can choose to provide stable coin Y Pool and earn the same rewards.


Y Pool token may exit at each supported chain. User can choose each chain to provide liquidity and the same amount of each chain is regarded as the same value.
There is a scenario that most liquidity of one chain is move to another chain because of swaps happened in X Swap causing unbalance of each chain, so we design a mechanism to reward to those who help to balance the Y Pool token of each chain.
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