How to Develop Under XY Standards

To create and deploy your own token contract, it is imperative that your contract conforms to certain standards. This ensures interoperability, security, and broad functionality. The following guide outlines how to implement key features in your token contract to ensure it aligns with the required standards.

We offer two methods to help you deploy contracts that comply with our standards on the new chain.

1. We currently offer two standard contracts. If your token contract does not require any additional functionalities, you can directly fork our example below.

  • XY ERC20

XY ERC20 token example
  • XY ERC20 V2 (compatible with multichain Anyswap ERC20 standards)

XY ERC20 V2 token example

2. If you want to write your own token contract or upgrade existing contracts, please make sure that the contract implements mint & burn functions. You can refer to the following instruction to finish your own contract.

Function Interface for Token Contract

Be mindful of prioritizing security and control when building smart contracts to prevent undesirable actions or consequences.

After you have completed your contract, please contact us and provide the deployed contract address. We will provide our relay contract address, which you will need to set as the minter.

Commonly asked questions:

To which router address should I grant minting rights?

Our team will furnish you with the latest relay address that should be granted minting rights. In the future, this information will be more easily accessible through APIs.

Whom should I designate as the token's owner?

You can easily designate your project admin as the owner.

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