6️⃣Get MinimumSwapAmount

  "success": true,
  "chainMinimumSwapAmount": {
    "1": {
      "minimumSwapAmountUsdValue": 37,
      "expiredAt": 1708329600
    "56": {
      "minimumSwapAmountUsdValue": 1.16,
      "expiredAt": 1708329600

For the provided example response, the keys '10' and '137' represent the chain IDs of the destination chains you intend to bridge to. Within this structure, the information indicates the minimum required amount in USD Value for a seamless transaction, along with its expiration time.

  • minimumSwapAmount: Please ensure that your source bridge token amount is greater than this amount; otherwise, the response may result in an error.

  • expiryAt: Each chain has its own expiry time. The details in the object will no longer be usable once the expiry time has passed.

Please confirm the expiration time before it's due. The quickest we update is every 20 minutes, but it can vary.

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