Token Listing

Lists your token as the default token on XY Finance to gain more exposure.

📣 To be listed, please give details for listing via this form, and we shall reach you as we finish the token evaluation.

Please have the following items ready to complete the form given above. Your coin's use case might require a bit of significant research by our staff to determine suitability, so please stay tuned!

  1. Project Details

  2. Token Details

  3. Contact Information

No Fees Required

XY Finance will NOT require any compliance fee for listing. As we mentioned earlier, the main purpose for the moment is to "nourish" both entities and share the user base.

⚠️ If your token has a tax, please check the requirements for each situation.

💵 Trading Tax

If the tax only applies during buying or selling, it will be covered by the slippage, so no additional action is required. For instructions on how to set the slippage on our website, please refer to our swap tutorial here.

Tokens with trading tax will incur fees during both buying and selling. However, this won't cause any errors while swapping on our service as long as the slippage is set to an appropriate level.

💵 Transfer Tax

If your token incurs transfer taxes, please whitelist the contract addresses as both 'sender' and 'receiver' to waive these taxes during the swapping process. Find the contract addresses to whitelist on this page.

Some of the whitelist mechanisms may only allow whitelisting addresses as 'sender' but not as 'receiver', please kindly check with your dev team or refer to the existing contract GreenStix V2, specifically line 571, to understand how to implement the receiver' whitelist.

Q: What if my mechanism can only whitelist addresses as 'sender' ?

A: If your whitelist mechanism only allows for whitelisting contract addresses as 'sender', don't worry! Users can still enjoy our service for both single-chain and cross-chain buying, but they may encounter issues when selling tokens with a tax.

👍 The importance of the whitelist mechanism

Our service goes through multiple contract addresses, causing transfer taxes to be charged multiple times.

If your whitelist mechanism only allows whitelisting addresses as 'sender' but not as 'receiver'. This can lead to transfer fees being charged when users send tokens to our contract (transfer (1)), potentially causing the verification of the estimated amount to fail. Since slippage cannot cover these fees, users may not be able to sell tokens through our service. To avoid this, we kindly request that our contract be whitelisted as a 'receiver' as well.

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