Custom-Built Link

Builds an all-inclusive link that automatically has the amount, slippage, route, and so on all set and helps your users save time and effort.

The XY Finance front-end technologies support URL query parameters to allow for the possibility of custom-designed links on XY Finance. Users will be able to take full advantage of this link to simplify the process of bridging tokens and save lots of time spent on prior arrangements for a bridging activity. This design is thoughtful in this seemingly complicated crypto trading world in that all you need to do is redefine the set of parameters attached to the end of a URL, which are extensions used to help define specific content or actions based on the data being passed.

Appending query parameters to the end of the link that defaults to the standard style (trading pairs, the amount, etc.) each time you open it is, though not the first-of-its-kind in this sector, the necessity that helps your project/platform pre-determine the bridge and the swapping route for users and allows you to get the most our of token swaps with XY Finance

Usage Example

Take a swap from USDC on Ethereum to USDC on Polygon.

Click the link below and view carefully the URL on the top of the webpage.

The token on the source/target chain, slippage tolerance rate, the routes picked out for the best user experience, everything is all set within this custom-made link. Most importantly, it saves your users from human errors which could stem from operating the system manually by themselves.

Query Parameters



Chain ID



Chain ID



Token Contract Address



Token Contract Address



Float Value


  • The bespoke link only works if at least a valid chain id exists.

  • If the address provided is empty or invalid, the default token will be the native token.

The "sourceChainId" and "targetChainId" in the configuration can be found in the page below.

pageSupported Blockchains/Bridges/DEXs

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