XY Finance

XY Asset Bridge

XY Asset Bridge is custom-made, route-independent, and designed to channel your assets straight into target chains without wrapping them twice.
XY Finance's asset cross-chian protocol XY Assets Bridge assists project owner / token owner to bridge tokens with contract authority to multi-chain painlessly and smoothly. In addition, XY Assets Bridge also provide solution for project owner who deploy tokens on multiple chains through our asset cross-chain protocol. bridge the mutual liquidity of tokens on each chain, holders of the token could quickly and safely wrap their assets on each chain.


According to different type of tokens (token standards / native tokens / non-native tokens) and client needs, XY Assets bridge provides asset cross-chain models compatible with various token standards to meet the needs of project parties on various blockchain networks assets cross-chain.
Senario 1 : Token deployed on one chain only
Only issue tokens on one chain, intend to package their tokens across chains to other chains to provide liquidity, and maintain a fixed total supply of each chain. Through the XY Assets bridge, the tokens on the original chain are locked in the contract (Primitive model), and the corresponding number of tokens are mint on the target chain (non-primitive model)
Senario 2 : Token deployed on multiple chains
The token owner has issued the same token on multiple chains, and intends to exchange the token on each chain through the XY Assets bridge for cross-chain 1:1 exchange. Through the XY Assets bridge, the user locks the token in the contract In the A chain, token unlocked by the contract in the B chain and sent to the to the address specified by the user. This model requires token owner to provide initial liquidity in the contracts of each chain (please refer to Provide liquidity)
Senario 3 : Token deployed on multiple chains, intend to deploy on new chain
The token owner has issued the same token on multiple chains and intends to issue the same token on a new chain. Through the XY Assets bridge, users can freely convert tokens between existing chains and bridge tokens from the existing chain to the new chain, and this model will maintain a fixed total supply of each chain.