XY Finance


2024 Q1

Dynamic Fee System (closely align fees with current market conditions)
New Bridge Audit
In Progress
Support OKX X1
To Do
Support Blast
To Do
Support Taiko
To Do
Support OKX Dex
In Progress
Support Across
In Progress
Enhance the Swap function when using the third-party bridge
To Do
In Progress
Interchain Message
In Progress
Additional Fee feature on Widget
Expand the supported APIs
In Progress
Demo Site for NPM Widget
To Do

Previous Roadmap

2023 Q4

2023 Q3

  • Support Base
  • Support Linea
  • Support Circle CCTP/Synapse/cBridge
  • Release XY Aggregator API (Doc)
  • Fee Collection Feature (Doc)
  • Support More xAsset Bridge

2023 Q2

2023 Q1

2022 Q4

  • XY xAsset (Token Bridge)
  • X Swap API v1.2
  • X Swap Widget v2
  • GalaXY Kat Game Launch

2022 Q3

  • X Swap Widget v1
  • Support Klaytn
  • Dex Aggregator integration (1inch/OpenOcean)
  • X Swap Widget v1
  • X Swap Widget v1.1 (Support Theme)
  • X Swap API v1
  • XY Token Staking Pool (Powered by Vault.inc)
  • GalaXY Kats Staking
  • GalaXY Kats Disassembly System

2022 Q2

  • Support Avalanche, KCC, Optimism, Arbitrum, Astar and Moonriver
  • XY Dispatcher (Batch Send Token Tool)

2022 Q1

  • Support Cronos and ThunderCore
  • Auditing
  • DAO voting
  • GalaXY Kats Game Alpha
  • X swap Open API

2021 Q4

  • Y Pool - Cross-chain liquidity
  • Launch XY Token
  • DAO and veXY governance
  • GalaXY Kats Public Mint

2021 Q3

  • X Swap - Cross-chain Swap Aggregator
  • Support ETH, BSC, Polygon and Fantom
  • XY Ambassador Program