XY Finance

Change Log

Keeps you updated with the most recent slight changes to our API at regular intervals before v2



  • Y Pool routes: The minimum of toTokenAmount is "quote * (1 - slippage)".
  • Multi-chain routes: The minimum toTokenAmount is calculated as "(fromTokenAmount - slippage) - XY fee - (toTokenAmount - slippage)".
  • After getting a quote (1 ETH of Ethereum to 6 BNB of BSC for instance) with the slippage tolerance at 1%, the minimum of toTokenAmount is 6 * 99% = 5.94 BNB.
  • As the X Swap detects the minimum of toTokenAmount is less than quote*(1-slippage), in this case, 5.94 BNB as calculated above, the transaction itself will be revoked and then the bridge token will be returned to user.