XY Finance

Set up Your Own Validator

Explain how XY Assets bridge's transaction verify by multiple validator
The cross-chain transfer of assets through the XY Assets bridge is efficient and highly secure. We have multiple validator to help confirm the correctness and security of transactions. Ensure that no malicious transactions or unexpected transactions occur. Additional, XY Assets bridge are compatible with the third parties register to be one of the validators to ensure sufficient decentralization.

Validator Registration

Step 1. Get latest validator server image

You can get latest image from docker hub

Step 2. Run validator server with specific environment variables

Server listen port: 8004
To run validator server properly, you must pass following environment variables when starting a container:
  • TOKEN_SYMBOL: The asset you want to validate.
    Currently available symbols are:
    • XY
  • CC_VALIDATOR_KEY: Private keys of validator EOA wallet, will be used to sign validated transaction. For example:

Step 3. Expose server endpoint and verify

After server start, the server endpoint need to be exposed publicly in order to receive validate request. Make sure you can access /signatures/crossChainRequests from your server.
To verify server works properly, you may use following command for testing. If everything went good, it will return signatures of your validator.
curl -X GET "{your_server_domain}/signatures/crossChainRequests?srcChainId=1&requestId=88&destChainId=137&receiver=0x434d20f4286711530e945957f77384649c5301a7&amount=4141700000000000000000&fee=31002734678&txHash=0xfa287bb58af4b0c0e188abe4784a9e308e7b2302733ab7296f1bac5725a112fb"

Step 4. Fill registration form

Finally, fill this form to inform us about your validator server.
We will add your server to our validator list after reviewed.