XY Finance

Non-primitive model

Explain what is non-primitive model
Non-primitive model means that tokens interact with XY Assets bridge by burn / mint on the chain. If the non-primitive model is adopted on the chain, while users bridge the token to other chains, the token will be transferred to the XY Assets bridge contract deployed on the chain and burned. Whie users bridge tokens back from other chains, the tokens will be mined from the XY Assets bridge contract and sent to the user.
This mode is suitable for project parties that only issue tokens on a specific chain and intend to issue and bridge tokens on a new chain. XY Assets bridge requires mining rights for this token. In order to meet the standard of non-primitive model,the token standard must be include below interface or be upgradable.
function burn(address,uint256) onlyMinter;
Below is XY Assets bridge requires permission for non-primitive model.
[Roles] ROLE_OWNER is able to:
  • upgrade
  • rescue
  • admin of all roles
ROLE_MANAGER is able to:
  • pause
  • unpause
  • setMaxCrossChainAmount
ROLE_STAFF is able to:
  • completeCrossChainRequest