XY Finance

DEX Integration

Creates an AMM-based ecosystem together that is highly sustainable. Together, better!
Economies of agglomeration (or agglomeration effects) describe a scenario where agglomeration has brought together firms/businesses of a specific industry, which somehow results in more funds flowing in due to their "proximity", helping "expose" one another to their target market within range to create a positive effect on their development and growth together.
Despite the recent surge in popularity, the DEX Aggregator is actually still in its infancy. Much like the wider crypto industry, multiple DEXs are competing for their own volume and visibility. As a consequence, swappers and traders have to choose the DEX they think will yield the best price for their assets and hop between multiple DEXs to find the best routes.
To this end, X Swap intends to integrate DEXs in want of a self-funded and self-sustained ecosystem to be secure and stable by analogy with this concept of "agglomeration effects", providing a platform in which DEXs partnering with us will fully benefit from the bespoke plug-ins that facilitate atomic swaps as well as a higher chance of being exposed to new users and projects so that DEXs themselves could earn the bridging fees.
For any DEXs out there that are interested in further collaboration with X Swap and would like to encourage more users to access your DEXs via our cross-chain services, there are two B2B DeFi integration solutions as listed below, which enable blockchain projects to perfect their DEXs with endless and instant liquidity.

DEXs employing Uniswap V2 fork

Please connect to the X Swap team and send us the information with regard to the blockchains you presently support and so on by completing this form.
name: 'MM Finance'
chainId: '25'
Url: 'https://mm.finance/'
routerAddress: '0x145677FC4d9b8F19B5D56d1820c48e0443049a30',
factoryAddress: '0xd590cC180601AEcD6eeADD9B7f2B7611519544f4'

DEXs not employing Uniswap V2 fork

If you happen not to be one of those that adopt Uniswap V2 fork system, we will need to have more extensive discussions to do with this integration plan as there will be quite a few technical issues to overcome in advance. So, please keep your documentation ready and connect with us at [email protected]