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XY Dispatcher

Send tokens in batches; delivery in a flash!


XY Dispatcher allows users to send any tokens following ERC20 standards across all supported chains to hundreds of addresses in just a few clicks! By batch transferring and automating the process, XY Dispatcher provides the easiest and fastest tool for token airdrops! On top of the user-friendly interface, XY Dispatcher, unlike other alternatives, will filter out repetitive wallet addresses, you can batch-send to addresses with different amounts and soon users will be able to batch-send tokens with ENS addresses.


Step 1: Go to XY Dispatcher web page

Step 2: Confirm the network

  • Make sure that the network is switched to the right chain. In the example, we will be batch sending tokens on the Cronos chain.

Step 3: Select the token you wish to batch-send

  • A wide variety of token types will be listed below for you to choose from once you're going about the transaction. This list of tokens is still being widened, hence a more comprehensive network!

Step 4: Input address & amount

  • Specify a list of addresses & amounts by either importing a CSV file or manually inputting the addresses & amounts. If you don’t know what CSV is, you can download the CSV example by clicking the “Download CSV example” button.

Steps 5 & 6: Confirm the information

  • Double-check the information including the recipients and the amount you wish to batch-send, then you are all set to click the “Send token” button to proceed.

Step 7: Approve the trade

  • Upon clicking “Send token”, a transaction will thus be initiated, which requires you to access your Web3 wallet for approval.
  • After confirming the transaction from your wallet, your transaction will be submitted automatically and bring you to the next page.

Step 8: Post-transaction inspection

  • You will be able to see an overview of your batch-sent transaction details as well as your ongoing transaction.
  • Once the transaction is completed, you can check on explorer with the transaction ID provided or download the PDF file for your reference.
  • Finally, a detailed list of all transactions executed via our protocol will be available. You can confirm the transaction in our Vault on the top-right corner of the web page. This transaction history is necessary and does add another layer of safety and security to the user experience.
Last modified 1yr ago