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X Swap

X Swap

X Swap is our fastest and most secured cross-chain swap, a single transaction from source chain rules swap at target chain using decentralized consensus behind. The followings are the steps to use it.

Step 1: Go to X Swap Page

Step 2: Connect your Wallet

  • Connect your Web3 wallet through MetaMask or WalletConnect.

Step 3: Swap

  • Select the token you wish to swap between chains (or single chain), the interface will sort the asset that wallet has balance at first. Users are also able to paste the token address on top of the input box to add new token that does not include in default list.
  • Once user selected from/to token and amount to swap, interface will show up the best rate you can get and how it gonna bridged on the right, also showing the other routings for reference. (In the example: We want to swap ETH on Ethereum to Sushi on BSC)
  • After clicking swap, a transaction is initiated and need to sign with your Web3 provider (MetaMask or WalletConnect). After issuing and confirmed on the blockchain, the X swap will start the whole cross-chain process automatically.

Step 4: Confirm

  • During the swap process, users are able to monitor all the cross-chain transactions, the interface will routinely check the latest updates on different blockchains and cross-chain service transactions. Once all the process are done, we will notify user the processes are completed and all swap are successfully executed or not.
  • Finally, we also provide the detailed list for all transactions issued from our protocol.