XY Finance
Liquidity Mining

Provide Liquidity

In Y Pool, user can choose one chain to provide liquidity of pool token such as USDT, pool token of each chain is regarded the same value.
After providing liquidity, user will get xyUSD shares as proof.

Mining Rewards

Liquidity mining rewards contains two parts:
  • cross chain fee
  • XY Token rewards

Cross Chain Fee

Each X Swap has corresponding cross chain fee depends on the swap amount, and the 80% fee will go to Y pools, 20% fee goes to DAO treasury.
With the pool grows, the underlying value of xyUSD also increase.

XY Token rewards

A Liquidity provider will get XY Token rewards basically depending how much xyUSD he/she staked. If he/she had locked some XY in Vote-escrowed XY contract, there would be a boost rate considered when he/she stakes.
Therefore, in staking reward contract, you can imagine that the reward will be distributed not just by the ratio of one's staked amount over total staked amount, how much boost one gets is also considered. We call this boosted staked amount boostBalance in the smart contract and it would be calculated as follow:
boostBalance=0.4stakedBalance + 0.6totalStakedBalanceveXYtotal veXYboostBalance = 0.4 * stakedBalance \ +\ 0.6 * totalStakedBalance *\frac{veXY}{total\ veXY}
boostBalance=min(stakedBalance, boostBalance)boostBalance = min(stakedBalance,\ boostBalance)
For example: Let's say there's also 10,000 xyUSD staked and 1% belongs to Bob.
If Bob hasn't locked any XY, the boostBalance for Bob would be 40.
However, if there's 10,000 veXY in total and 1% belongs to Bob, the boostBalance for Bob would be 40 + 60 = 100, which is at max boost (250%).
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