XY Finance


2022 Q4

Support Solana
Support XPLA
To do
Support Sui
To do
XY xAsset (Token Bridge)
Cross Chain Message Integration
In Progress
X Swap Widget v2
In Progress
X Swap API v2
To Do

Previous Roadmap

2022 Q3

  • Support Klaytn
  • Dex Aggregator integration (1inch/OpenOcean)
  • X Swap Widget v1
  • X Swap Widget v1.1 (Support Theme)
  • X Swap API v1
  • XY Token Staking Pool (Powered by Vault.inc)
  • GalaXY Kats Staking
  • GalaXY Kats Disassembly System

2022 Q2

  • Support Avalanche, KCC, Optimism, Arbitrum, Astar and Moonriver
  • XY Dispatcher (Batch Send Token Tool)

2022 Q1

  • Support Cronos and ThunderCore
  • Auditing
  • DAO voting
  • GalaXY Kats Game Alpha
  • X swap Open API

2021 Q4

  • Y Pool - Cross-chain liquidity
  • Launch XY Token
  • DAO and veXY governance
  • GalaXY Kats Public Mint

2021 Q3

  • X Swap - Cross-chain Swap Aggregator
  • Support ETH, BSC, Polygon and Fantom
  • XY Ambassador Program