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XY API (Support Y Pool Only)

Simply put, X Swap is entrusted with aggregating sought-after DEXes on various chains and makes use of the liquidity from Y Pool to provide bridging solutions and incentivize liquidity providers (LPs) with XY fees (Usually the type of tokens rewarded is the “bridge tokens”).
X Swap is paving the way for the infrastructure for DeFi and the multichain ecosystem and envisaging becoming one of the superb routers for Web3 that collects, calculates, and singles out the best route to assist users in transferring their crypto assets from chain to chain with our modus operandi such as liquidity pools, third parties (when the pools dry up), and pegged tokens.
Thus X Swap API brings forth the backend database, which acts as a source of interoperability, to shore up the data flow on the frontend to effect token swapping and bridging with only one single transaction. With this guide, you’ll be told how our API can be integrated into your Dapp with step-by-step instructions.

XY API (Support Y Pool Only) Endpoint

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