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An overview of XY Finance and the services that spawn on it

XY Finance at a Glance

XY Finance Ecosystem incorporates products (X Swap & Y Pool) to do with Web3, DeFi and GameFi, with XY Token ($XY as the ticker) being the heart of XY DAO and the protocol itself. XY is a community-driven platform established to solve what might be called the “liquidity problem,” ensuring that users are benefited from the best routes and liquidity providers are incentivized with $XY to stack yields steadily. Meanwhile, we are giving utility and functionality to $XY through multiple inventive ways and strategic partnerships.
As a cross-chain interoperability protocol that aggregates not only DEXs but also bridges, we help route your assets of various types, with the best rate possible and the top speed & security. Regardless of split or batch transactions, XY Finance helps strike the best bargains with minimized rates. Plus, cross-chain transfer & every transaction step will be carried out in an instant, faster than that of our competitors in the industry. While most have this sneaking suspicion that the platform's safety might be sacrificed due to our pursuit of transaction speed, they're mistaken. Our devs have tapped effortlessly into some mechanisms to ensure the security of your funds. XY Finance connects every chain, swaps every asset, and serves every user here and there. With the ultimate routing across multi-chains, borderless and seamless swapping is simply several clicks away.


The past few years have seen significant adoption of decentralized smart contract-powered blockchains, such as Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Fantom, Cronos, Avalanche, just to name a few. Demand for swapping and transferring digital assets from chain to chain has sky-rocketed 🚀 as a result. This has fostered the need for a cross-chain swap application that provides a fast, secure, and highly decentralized way to perform cross-chain transactions.
XY Finance provides the very infrastructure to support Web 3 and Tokenomics and delivers better offers, bridging, interoperability, and liquidity solutions. Basically, XY Finance consists of two parts, X Swap and Y Pool, to facilitate cross-chain swap and incentivize the provision of liquidity:
🔃 X Swap X Swap provides the fastest and safest multi-chain swaps by conducting a single transaction that travels on the shortest path from source chains to target chains for the best price and the lowest gas fees possible, powered by decentralized consensus. Currently, we have supported numerous sought-after and highly scalable blockchain platforms, such as ETH, BSC, Polygon, Fantom, Cronos, Avalanche, and so on. The prospect of expanding our ecosystem is promising since we’re going to support more popular and reliable chains in the future, and this expansion process will be non-stop!
💧Y Pool Y Pool is an in-house bridge that incentivizes liquidity providers with swap fees between chains and $XY, allowing users to earn passive income by deploying their assets as liquidity in our pools. These instant bridging services on 14+ major blockchains create a win-win solution for our project and the liquidity contributors alike. This mechanism is also highly decentralized and engageable for all community members without relying on a central entity.
It's worth noting that we have a “Rebalance Mechanism” to prevent a shortage of liquidity, where users help rebalance liquidity without having to fear high slippage and impermanent loss (IL), outshining most major AMMs. On top of that, we set up a reward-issuing mechanism to incentivize the community and simultaneously avoid token overissue. This strict cap of $XY distribution for each rebalancing epoch prevents malicious activities from hogging $XY and, at the same time, secures enough rewards to incentivize the community to rebalance the pools.

A Toolkit That Makes Going Cross-Chain Easier

For devs and institutional clients out there, we have prepared you with a toolkit that makes going Web3-enabled easy. There, you will be given full access to our Widget, APIs, and gaming-focused deployment model that helps extend your Dapps.
🛠 Widget
We deliver a customizable widget that can be embedded into DApps easily. You can plug in to build one UI that makes everything cross-chain simple & access more users from other chains. To enjoy accelerated Integration into DApps with XY Finance Widget. Check our Widget Docs. for further details.

📲 APIs

We designed cutting-edge, ultra-modern APIs for devs and institutional clients who would like to set foot in the crypto space but have no idea where to start with. Here, you will find the simplest and clearest APIs that user in composable elements so that you can leverage and tap effortlessly into full cross-chain functions and offer your users optimized web3 execution services. Check our API Docs for further details.

🎮 GameFi - Meerkats NFTs & GalaXY Kats

We unify a heterogeneous collection of blockchains from everywhere so that you can fully rely on our gaming-focused deployment model to extend your applications to a medley of other blockchain networks out there! This toolkit provides not only inter-subnet & side-chain bridging solutions but also custom-built scenarios. Contact us for further details here. 10K Meerkats NFTs were issued in 2021 and sold out shortly after the launch. The advent of these one-of-a-kind digital assets is not just to fulfill the mission of being NFTs or Pictures for Proof (PFPs), creating digital scarcity and some sense of pride for their holders, more importantly, they also provide practical utilities to their owners and allow them to engage in the game and grow along the adventure. These NFT holders will be able to enter our P2E game with boosts, and depending on the rarity of their Kats, they will unlock the DeFi utilities such as APY boosts, swap fee discounts, token airdrops, and more other special offers via our XY Finance service. GalaXY Kats is a P2E blockchain game based on advanced GameFi technologies, stemming from the project of 10K Meerkat NFTs. Players can explore the lore of the GalaXY universe by challenging bosses and completing quests. Each legendary Meerkat can be equipped with weapons and widgets that can be found in Kats Base, where the protagonist Meerkat can put on, take off, and exchange their weapons. Visit GalaXY Kats for more scenarios.
IMPORTANT: Please note that this know-how base will be constantly updated and edited according to the latest version.
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